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Hello. I found this a few days ago and I sat there thinking, do I know any annoying soccer moms? At the time I couldnt think of any. Then yesterday my aunt called me to interrogate me about my future, thinking I give a shit what she thinks. So I was sitting in the car thinking about it and how she wants an SUV, and I thought. Why the hell does she want an SUV, she'd be like one of those annoying soccer moms. Then it hit me. She IS a soccer mom. She told her daughters coach off for not putting her in long enough. So I hate soccer moms.
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I thought we lived in the United States not Saudi Arabia.

I dont think Soccer Moms have any concept of time. A few weeks ago I went to Rutland, Vermont with a friend of mine and this soccer mom started asking my friend whos a female why she was out. Out! What the fuck do you mean bitch? She was like your like 19-20ish why dont you have a boyfriend or husband yet. Then my friend explains to her how she's in college. What college, nobody goes to college she screams especially not young things like you. Thats your husbands job so explains ever so well to my friend. You should be at home cooking for a man and having babies and driving them to basketball and soccer. By this time my friend is so pissed off that she is about to attack the shit out of her. I thought it was funny all along but obviously nobody else did. In a funny crazy kind of way. I tell her that you should be happy that girls go to college to be independent. She had none of this and walks off. Now who in there right mind is this fucked up.

So fuck you soccer mom that insults friends of mine who wanna make a differnce in the world.

soccer moms, silly

hi i am new to this community. my entire town is comprised of soccer moms. what's worse.. i live right down the block from a soccer field.. they have their games here all the time..it is horrible. mini vans everywhere..starting fights at the games just because their son didn't get the ball enough.. ridiculous.
bed bed bed.


so many soccer mom stoties..
best so far:

so its a nice sunny day im sitting at starbucks (where all the soccer moms flock to regenerate or something) and its NOT crowded at all..there are like 5 other tables open...
and this soccer mom moseys on up to me and asks "MMMM HIIIIII, is this table taken?*SMILE*"

Uhhhhhhh last time i checked i was a solid object and YES THIS !@*%ing table is taken, you hussy!!!
SO i say "yes...it is..."

and SHE gets all huffy and puffy and says i have no respect for my elders and that im a disgrace and waaa waaaaa waaaaaa
...30 seconds pass...
i stop her and say:
"I once ate a baby."

and she left!

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FUCKIN SOCCER MOMS!! I hate em. One got pissed at me the other day in the parking lot cause I walked out into the CROSSWALK at the Market Basket. ITS A FUCKING PARKING LOT LADY ... I had a right to walk there and I was probably making her late for her kids practice. GOOD. I HOPE SHE WRECKS.
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Fucking Soccermoms!!

Okay.. here's the story. Me, Brian, and Joey were at the entrance of the Wal-Mart parking, earlier tonight. This green SUV was in front of us. It got on the left turning lane and was turning left.. then all of a sudden the damn bitch goes back into our lane and almost hits us!! We weren't in Brian's truck. We were in Joey's car. That bitch didn't even look behind her when she was coming back into our lane. We shouted at her, and i flicked her off. Damn bitches. me, brian, and joey hate soccer moms. Then when we parked, we tried looking for her so we can bitch her out some more.. but didn't find her. fuckin bitch.
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Hey.. I'm new, and a friend of the owner of this community.
I hate soccer moms. They are so annoying... i hated them since i was in high school.. when a stupid bitch wouldn't move her damn SUV, that was blocking the exit, so i can go home. This happen so many times through out my high school year. Fuckin-A!...